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Khanom Bueng Yuan - Crispy Prawn Crepe 25.00
Prawn, minced chicken, tofu, coconut and turmeric crepe with cucumber relish

Khao-Soi – Chiang Mai Curry Noodle 19.00

Chiang Mai curried noodle with chicken, pickled cabbage, onion and egg noodles


Crispy Lime Chicken 23.00

Chicken tempura and fried Kale. Served with lime mayonnaise dressing

Braised Melting Pork and Smashed Potato 25.00

Braised melting pork in five spices served with smashed creamy potato



Crying Tiger 23.00

BBQ Marinated sliced beef served with chilli and tamarind relish


Grilled Chicken 22.00

Grilled turmeric and lemongrass marinated chicken with chilli and tamarind relish



Choo Chee with Prawn 23.00 or Salmon 25.00

Thick red curry sauce with coconut cream and mixed vegetables

Roast Duck Curry 25.00

Red curry with roast duck, pineapple, lychee, broccoli, eggplant and bamboo shoot

Beef Massaman Curry 23.00

Slow cooked beef, potato, carrot, topped with cashew nuts

Yellow Chicken Curry 20.00

Slow cooked chicken thigh with potato and carrot

Green Curry

Tofu/Veg 19.00, Chicken, Beef 20.00, Prawn 22.00, Salmon 25.00

Green curry, eggplant, bamboo shoot and basil leaves


Spicy Salmon Salad 25.00

Grilled salmon fillet with spicy green apple salad


Chicken and Prawn Coconut Salad 20.00

Shredded Chicken and grilled prawn with coconut cream, chilli jam red onion, cucumber, tomato, green beans and spicy lime dressing. Topped with fried onion


Larb Tofu 19.00, Larb Chicken 22.00 or Larb Salmon 25.00

Fried tofu, minced chicken, or grilled salmon with red onion, mint, coriander and spicy lime dressing


Green Papaya Salad (Som-tum) 17.00 with Prawns 22.00 Salmon 25.00

Green papaya with tomato, green bean, peanut, chilli and spicy lime dressing.


Thai Beef Salad 23.00

Grilled Sliced Beef mixed with toasted rice powder, red onion, mint, coriander, chilli, shallot and spicy lime dressing


Gai Zapp 23.00

Chicken tempura mixed with toasted rice powder, red onion, mint, coriander, chilli, shallot and spicy lime dressing


Gado Salad 18.00

Mixed Salad with Fried Tofu, boiled egg, crispy sweet potato and peanut sauce


Pad Thai Tofu/Veg 19.00, Chicken/Beef 20.00 Prawn 23.00, Salmon 25.00

Stir fried thin rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, chives and peanuts

Pad See Ew Tofu/Veg 19.00, Chicken or Beef 20.00, Prawn 23.00

Stir fried flat rice noodles, eggs, and Chinese broccoli in dark soy sauce

Thai Fried Rice Tofu/Veg 19.00, Chicken or Beef 20.00, Prawn 23.00

Thai fried rice with egg, chinese broccoli, tomato and onion

Spicy Fried Rice Tofu/Veg 19.00, Chicken or Beef 20.00, Prawn 23.00

Spicy fried rice with egg, fresh chilli, Thai basil, green beans, bamboo shoot,

mushroom and onion

Broccoli and Prawn 23.00

Stir fried broccoli, carrot and prawn in oyster sauce

Pad Kana Moo Krob 25.00

Stir fried crispy pork belly with Chinese broccoli and chilli in oyster sauce

Ginger Duck 25.00 / Fish 25.00

Stir fried roast duck or Fish with mixed seasonal green vegetables and ginger

Chicken Chilli Basil 23.00, Crispy Pork Belly 25.00

Stir fried minced chicken or Crispy Pork Belly with fresh chilli, garlic, green beans, bamboo shoot, onion and Thai basil

Vegetable and Cashew Nut Tofu 19.00, Chicken, Beef 20.00, Prawn 23.00

Your choice of stir fried with mixed vegetables, cashew nut and chilli jam.

Steamed Vegetables and Fried Tofu 19.00

Steamed vegetables and fried tofu with peanut sauce.


Tom Yum Goong (Main Size) 25.00

Classic Thai spicy and sour soup with prawns, mushroom,

lemongrass, chilli and lime juice.

Wonton Clear Soup 20.00

Pork wonton in clear soup with BBQ pork and choy sum


Steamed Jasmine Rice 4.00

Sticky Rice 5.00

Garlic Rice 5.00

Roti 3.0 each

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